Commiting is Fun

I always shy away from contributing to projects in GitHub because:

  1. I’m still a newbie when it comes to coding,
  2. I still have the fear of failure, although my MBA is helping immensely in that regard

Having said that, actually making an effort to propose solutions to problems I face in programs I use every day, is a rewarding experience. To see your changes working, to see that pull request getting accepted gives me a sense of satisfaction I don’t usually get anywhere else. I probably sound like a junior CS student, but bear with me, in some ways, I am.

My current contributions are limited to small add-ons for programs I use and my own testing repositories. But as I get the hang of it and contribute more, I gain confidence and that motivates me to code more. Now, that’s a cycle I like.

I also started building my Stack Overflow profile. I may be new to development, but I have a lot of practical experience, I’m a quick learner, and I love researching stuff. I might as well help the community in ways I can.

Oh, and this and this motivated me to write this after a long break. See ya.